emph , since last two days we never send a massage to say 'HI' or knowing how good or bad I am . It make me feel so down :[ Did you know ? He mean everything to me . Even only for two years we have together , so many beautiful memories && scary situation that we had walking through . But , at least in this night he had send me a massage but unfortunately tonight I do not have a credit to reply his massage . I'm so sorry buccuk :[ I didn't mean to leave you alone . But I know you never feel alone because 24 hour your friends are always stay by your side right ? ? So how about me ? What do you think I am for you ? It is our secret right ? hehehe :'] I hope what all the bad or good memories that we had gone through we will never forget . We already making our promise kan buccuk ? hehe . until then . . . . . Sayonara guys :]

p/s : JKLM (just keep loving me) xoxo

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